Can I have my own Event or Decoration Team?

Can I have my own Event or Decoration Team?

At LA Mirage, we don't allow any third party event management or decoration team to do any kind of decorations or any other event related activities. If in case any modifications or customizations are required, same will be provided by our in house event & decoration team.
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      We at LA Mirage don't allow extension of events beyod 4 hours in normal case. If in case event has to be extended beyond 4 hours below are the conditions. Day / Lunch Event - Day events can't be extended beyond 4.00 PM. After 4 hours of the event if ...
    • Terms & Conditions

      LA MIRAGE CONVENTION CENTER – CONTRACT AGREEMENT FOR RENTAL OF CONVENTION FACILITIES This License Agreement (“LICENSE”) is made and entered into by and between the LA Mirage Convention Center, hereinafter referred as “Licensor”) a firm acting by and ...
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    • How much time AC will be provided?

      We run the entire event on Diesel Genrator and normal event time period is 4 hours. AC will be provided for 4 hours and this is included within booking fee.
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      REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY (Effective as of 05-08-2023, Last Updated: 21-11-2023) Rescheduling: All rescheduling requests must be submitted via email from the registered email address of the customer or through our ...