Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



This License Agreement (“LICENSE”) is made and entered into by and between the LA Mirage Convention Center, hereinafter referred as “Licensor”) a firm acting by and through its authorized person, and the person who approaches the Licensor to allow the use of the facility, hereinafter called LICENSEE, for the following express purposes and conditions, all of which the LICENSEE hereby covenants and agrees with Licensor to keep and perform:



  1. Reservations require this rental agreement to be signed and dated; accompanied by a ₹50,000 or such other amount fixed by the management as *security/damage deposit (Online at la-mirage.in or at our booking office). The balance of contracted rent and other charges shall be paid before 30 days of the event booking date. If the booking is done within 30 days event booking date, the total rent shall be paid at the time of booking. The Payment can be made through any banking mode viz. , credit card, debit card, netbanking. The rental payments can also be made in cash up to a maximum limit of ₹ 200,000. The payment can be made either online or can be made at the LA Mirage Booking office. Booking Confirmations will be e-mailed to the Licensee within 24 hours of advance payments.
  2. The security/damage deposit is not the rental fee. It secures the facility on Licensee’s requested date(s) and serves as a refundable damage deposit. This deposit is earmarked for any possible damage to the firm by way of any Violation of terms of the contract or for meeting costs in connection with any physical or aesthetic damage of the facility caused by the tenant.

General Guidelines

Live cooking stations are not allowed within the indoor hall. For live cooking stations, prior approval must be taken from the La Mirage staff onsite.
Juice counters are not allowed within the indoor hall. Such counters should be arranged within the designated area between the indoor hall and main entrance. The same is applicable for live tea counters.
Catering teams should take prior approval from La Mirage staff before making any arrangements. If dessert stations are arranged within the indoor hall, then the floor area for the same should be covered properly with carpets. If La Mirage tables are used by the catering team the same should be covered properly.
If not selected from LA Mirage short listed catering teams then the client’s catering team should be approved by LA Mirage and it is clients resposnsibility to make sure the ctaering team is approved by LA Mirage.
We at La Mirage provide only banquet tables (max. 50), banquet chairs (max. 500), sofa sets 3 seater (max. 50). We should be informed about the required number of these items and the same will be allocated for the event.
Photographers or videographers must take prior approval to connect to La Mirage electric power sources. Only allocated power sources should be used for the requested purpose and must not connect to any other power outlet. Maximum power that we can allocate is 3 kW and if the requirement is more than 3 kW then the power generator should be arranged by the client.
DJ/music teams should get prior approval before connecting to any of La Mirage power sources. If approved the maximum power that we can allocate is 3 kW. Since La Mirage is located within a busy neighbourhood the maximum allowed noise level is 90 dB. No music/DJ is allowed after 9.50 p.m. Maximum sound allowed is 3000 Watts. If DJ is being arranged in garden Banquet then DJ team should use our sound partner which is DJ Pro Sound Thirumudikunnu.
Maximum runtime for the air conditioner is limited to 4 hours. After 4 hours of the event, our air conditioner, air coolers and main lights will be turned off.
The client’s catering team is responsible for cleaning the waste related to food/drinks.

After 4 hours of event time, if its extended, (evening program only) additional one hour will cost Rs 7,500. Maximum time that can be allocated for evening program is 5 hours.

If the event is extended beyond 5 hours for photo shooting or any other purpose then additional time will cost Rs 10,000 (maximum 45 Minutes)

At La Mirage, we don’t allow third party event management teams to do the decorations or any other customisations. If any additional decorations or customisations are required for the event, then the client should contact La Mirage event management team. Contact details for the same will be shared upon booking confirmation.
Optional – We at La Mirage prefer the catering team listed by us to do the event related catering. Contact details for the same will be shared upon booking confirmation.
Liquor consumption and smoking is strictly prohibited within La Mirage premises. Liquor consumption within the premises will lead to cancellation of the event. If relevant government authority approval is taken for liquor consumption then the same should be served in our Topaz hall.
The whole of La Mirage premises is under CCTV surveillance except private spaces.


  1.  Facility and grounds are only to be used for the stated purpose(s).
  2.  Setup and breakdown times must fall within the total rental time period. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to move the equipment within the facility or on the grounds during the event.
  3.  Your contact person will need to check out and sign off with our staff person.
  4.  Smoking is prohibited in the facility and within 10 feet of all entrances, exits, windows, and air take vents
  5.  No pets are allowed within the building.
  6.  Candles must be in holders that prevent wax from dripping on surfaces.
  7.   DJs/Bands/Musicians must sign LA Mirage Convention Center Music Contract prior to the event. Please respect that the LA Mirage Convention Center is located in a residential neighborhood. Continued use depends upon the goodwill of our neighbors. Loud music will jeopardize our relationship with the community. DJs/Bands/Musicians that abuse our usage rules will not be allowed back.
  8. Music cannot be audible beyond the LA Mirage Convention Center grounds. Outside Dance Music ( 90dba) must cease outside at 10:00 p.m. Last dance announcement no later than 9:50 pm. Light background Music (70 Dba or less) is permitted outside until 10 pm.
  9.  Children must be supervised.
  10. On-site, LA Mirage Convention Center staff monitors event activities and has the authority to enforce contract rules. LA Mirage Convention Center staff can terminate rental if Licensee does not honor contract or local law.
  11. The whole of LA Mirage Convention Center’s premise is under CCTV surveillance. (except private spaces – Green Room, Wash Areas)



  1. If LA Mirage Convention Center dishes and/or silverware are used, we will need to know at least 2 weeks prior to your event date. All dishes are to be scrapped, rinsed and stacked in the kitchen.
  2. Make sure all rental equipment is stacked on the back patio, not on the grass, and removed from the premises no later than 9:00 AM the following morning.
  3. DO NOT USE nails, tacks or staples in the walls/ceiling. IF tape is used, it must be painter’s tape. All decorations and tape must be removed after the event.
  4.  All trash and recyclables must be removed from the house and placed in dumpsters and recycling areas outside.
  5. Event trash on the grounds, sidewalks, and street (including cigarette butts) must also be removed from the site and taken to the LA Mirage Convention Center designated dumpster or recycling area(s).
  6. Notify on-site staff of any damages that may occur during the event.



After review by the LA Mirage Convention Center coordinator, (including a day after event check for additional damage) the security/damage deposit will only be refunded if the rental checkout list has been satisfied, there are no damages to the building and its grounds, and if Licensee has used the facility for the time stated in the contract. Damages, cleaning/and/or additional time costs will be withheld from the security deposit. If damage to LA Mirage Convention Center property exceeds the amount of the security/damage deposit, Licensee agrees to pay for, or replace, any object of LA Mirage Convention Center property that is destroyed, damaged or stolen during the event. Such payment or replacement must be made immediately upon receipt of notification from the LA Mirage Convention Center.



The Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold the LA Mirage Convention Center and, its officers and agents harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, actions, demands or losses of any kind and nature that may occur or be claimed with respect to any person or persons, corporation,
property of chattels, on or about the LA Mirage Convention Center, or to the property itself resulting from any act done, or omission by or through the Licensee, its agents, contractors, employees, invitees, or any person on the premises of the LA Mirage Convention Center by reason of Licensee’s use or occupancy thereof. These may include, but are not limited to accident, injury or damage to property arising from any act of the Licensee or Licensee’s guest, whether intentional or negligent, which occur during use. Licensee agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees incurred by the LA Mirage Convention Center and representatives in defending any such claim or action brought against the owner and representatives.



The LA Mirage Convention Center and its representatives assume no responsibility for any property placed in the facility or on the premises or any property that is left on the premises after the event is over.



  1. All cancellations must be in writing or online at our website https://la-mirage.in
  2. Cancellations made more than 365 days prior to the event: 100% of the damage security deposit and 50% of the TOTAL rental fees are refunded.
  3. Cancellations made less than 365 days prior to the event: The entire rental fee is nonrefundable. If the damage/security deposit fee has been paid in addition to the entire rental fee then those deposits will be refunded to the Licensee.
  4. The LA Mirage Convention Center may cancel rentals due to inclement weather, emergency conditions, or events beyond the control of the LA Mirage Convention Center. In case of a cancellation initiated by the LA Mirage Convention Center, all rental and deposit amount will be refunded. Refund will be processed with in 3 weeks after confirming the cancellation.



  1. Licensee agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL/BANNED ITEMS, BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 18. The licensee agrees to refuse to allow alcohol to be served to, or consumed by, any person who is visibly intoxicated or under 18 years of age. The licensee shall monitor all service, if any, of alcohol and specifically acknowledges that Licensee is solely liable for the consumption of any alcohol by any person on the Premises and that such liability shall extend to any aspect regarding the consumption of alcohol. LA Mirage Convention Center may ask guests for identification to verify age and reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if (1) a minor is consuming alcohol; (2) an adult is providing alcohol to a minor; or (3) a guest or guests appears intoxicated and refuses to leave the Premises.
  2. If alcohol is SERVED at an event, we must receive a proof in advance that you or persons contracted by you have a valid Service Permit from the concerned government authority.
  3. While alcohol may be consumed in the TOPAZ hall, LA Mirage prohibits alcohol consumption outside the building on Side Roads – sidewalk, street or in cars.
  4. The licensee shall indemnify and hold the LA Mirage Convention Center harmless from all liability for improper use of alcohol.


G. JURISDICTION: For all legal matters, jurisdiction shall be Thrissur District

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